Sponge Roller (Paint Roller)

Sponge rollers are a type of hair styling tool used to create curls or waves in hair. They are particularly popular for achieving more natural-looking curls without the use of heat. Sponge rollers are made of a soft, spongy material that is gentle on the hair and comfortable to sleep in, as they are often worn overnight to set the curls. 

A sponge roller, also known as a foam roller or foam paint roller, is a type of roller used in painting and other applications. It is characterized by its cylindrical shape and a surface made of sponge or foam material. Sponge rollers are commonly used in various tasks due to their unique properties. 

Sponge rollers come in different sizes and densities of foam or sponge material, allowing users to choose the type that best suits their specific application. When selecting a sponge roller, consider the texture of the surface you're working on, the type of material you're applying, and the desired finish or effect you want to achieve.