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PU, Rubber, Sponge, Conveyor & Industrial Roller Manufacturer


Jekmin Industries

Established in the year 2009, at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, We are engaged in providing Precious Job Work like Heavy Machining Work, Lathe Machine Job Work, VMC Job Work, Engineering Job Work, TRAUB Machine Job WorkCNC Job Work and EDM Wire Cut Job Work.

We are Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporters of Industrial Roller Provide wide range like Conveyor RollerRubber RollerPu RollerPolyurethane Rubber RollerSponge RollerIdler RollerNylon RollerNatural Rubber RollerPlastic Roller, Conveyor Accessories, Taper Roller, Rubber Coated Roller, Teflon Roller, PP Coated Roller, Food Grade Coated Roller, Nylon Coated Roller, Textile Roller, Sugar Mill Roller and Paper Mill Roller Manufacturer in India


We Are One-Stop Solution For Precision Machining And Industrial Roller Needs

Our Industrial Roller Solutions provides a comprehensive range of high-quality rollers, including Conveyor Rollers, Taper Rollers, Rubber Coated Rollers, Teflon Rollers, and more. These rollers are designed for efficiency, durability, and precision, making them ideal for various industries such as textiles, sugar mills, and paper mills

Our Commitment to Quality:

  • Superior Quality Raw Materials
  • Advanced Technology
  • International Quality Standards
  • Highly Skilled Professionals
  • Timely Delivery

we provide a comprehensive range of precision machining and industrial roller solutions. With a decade of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for delivering high-quality services that meet the needs of our diverse clientele


Precision Job Work:
Our precision job work services include VMC Machine Job Work, CNC Job Work, Heavy Machining Work, EDM Wire Cut Job Work, and Lathe Machine Job Work. Whether you need components for aerospace, automotive, or any other industry, we have the expertise and equipment to deliver precise results.


Industrial Roller Manufacturing:
We specialize in manufacturing a wide range of industrial rollers, including Conveyor Rollers, Taper Rollers, Rubber-Coated Rollers, Teflon Rollers, PP-Coated Rollers, Food-Grade Coated Rollers, PU-Coated Rollers, Nylon-Coated Rollers, Textile Rollers, Sugar Mill Rollers, and Paper Mill Rollers. It designed to meet the highest quality standards.


PCB Machine Manufacturing:
We also manufacture a range of PCB machines, including PCB Brushing Machines, PCB Etching Machines, PCB Drilling Machines, PCB Grooving Machines, PCB Printing Machines, and PCB Soldering Machines. Our machines are designed to ensure high-quality results.


Additional Services:
In addition to our main offerings, we provide services in Chain Sprocket, Plating Solution, Plastic Home Appliances, Plastic Industrial Application, Metal Springs With Plating, and Teflon Gear And Parts. Whether you need customized solutions or off-the-shelf products, we have you covered.